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The Forum

Upper Heyford Reading Room OX25 5LG
Tuesday 6th February
7:30-9:30 pm
The Church & Chapel in Upper Heyford
Talk By Ian Lough-Scott
This talk is as much about social history as religion, the church fulfilling the role of the ‘village administrator’ until the introduction of the Parish Councils Act of 1894.
A Cherwell Valley Benefice initiative in conjunction the Upper Heyford Historical Society

Lent 2018
Celtic Spirituality
Ancient Christian wisdom for modern life

Celtic Spirituality takes us back to the founda-tion of the Christian church in the British Isles. Through a resurgence of interest in Celtic spirituality new insights and discoveries are being made which shed much light on the way the Celts received Christ and made Christianity their own in these islands. It is a fascinating story and we have much to learn from those who found in Christ a companion for life’s pilgrimage, and who found God in every corner of creation. We will explore how the church of today can learn from Celtic spirituality and discover afresh how to grow as disciples of Christ
Each week will include an address and time for prayer, reflection, discussion and questions. All meetings are on Thursday evenings and begin at 7.30pm and will conclude by 9.00pm
22nd Feb—St Olave’s Fritwell
1st Mar—St Mary’s Lower Heyford
8th Mar—ABVM Souldern
15th Mar—St James Somerton
22nd Mar—St Mary’s Upper Heyford
29th Mar—The Chapel Heyford Park

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